SGA Spirit Wars Photos, Wed., Oct. 7, 2009

Last Wednesday, 2009-10-07, the Student Government Association held Spirit Wars (codenamed Club Wars) on the quad out back of bldg. 130 (the cafeteria) at Daytona State College. It was from 11 AM to 2:25 PM and trivia indoors was from 2:30 to 3 PM. I didn’t get over there till 1 PM and I my job was helping to set up the chairs and tables for trivia, but I took a few photos. It was a contest with real scoring. At the end, the psychology club won, but there was a 3-way tie for 2nd.

Note that as always, each caption is for the ABOVE photo… not the one below. Also, all of these photos are in chronological order.

Club Wars High-Res

Karen Zamora on the left waving, 12:54 PM. She was the co-host with Brian Portwine for the 2009-10-02 Talent Show. Each club wore different-colored T-Shirts made specially for SGA from club funds. Unfortunately I didn’t get a program so I don’t know the clubs. All I know is there are 12 official clubs on campus. Cheerleaders, pshchology, student newspaper, science, AASU, etc.

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Daytona State College 2009 Talent Show: Photos & Videos

Photos from the show at the News-Journal Center, Fri., Oct. 2, 8-10 PM. I was act one. I played The Entertainer on the piano with a slideshow of my photography. I got a big applause and I didn’t clam up at all, so I was lucky. It was my first time on stage in over a year and this was my largest audience. After my act I took lots of photos below. My Dad also took videos from the audience, including my performance, later in the post. Read my post yesterday.

Press info: You can use these photos for editorial purposes such as newspapers, newsletters, and websites. None of the people in pictures signed release forms so don’t use any of these images commercially. Click “high-res” to the right of each thumbnail to download the 10 MP version. They’re pretty grainy… I was using ISO1600 a lot on my Canon Rebel XTi. But they should look alright up to 8×10. Please credit me with the line “Photos by Richard X. Thripp.”

Photos of the Show

2009-10-02 Talent Show High-Res

Jerred T. Mason reciting an inspirational poem “This is How I Am.” He was act 2 and I was act 1 but I have no photos of my act because I couldn’t take photos while playing the piano. We were both running for Mr. Daytona State. Congratulations to Jerred for winning the Mr. Daytona State title! I got a special consideration certificate. 8:16 PM.

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Daytona State College 2009 Talent Show

I just played piano at the Daytona State College Talent Show at the News-Journal Center, 221 N. Beach St., Daytona Beach, FL 32114. The show was 8-10pm Fri. Oct. 2 (tonight) and it’s 10:45 now.

We had a full house… there were probably 800 people in the audience. It was great and I actually performed better than in the rehearsal. I was the opening act at 8pm, playing The Entertainer by Scott Joplin on the baby grand piano while a slideshow of 58 of my photos played including all 30 in my portfolio. The Rebel got a laugh from the audience.

I was also running for Mr. Daytona State against Jerred T. Mason, Zach Smith, and Tad Jennings. Jerred won with his monologue on overcoming obstacles in life and reaching your dreams, which is a lot of what I wrote last year in personal development. Michelle Underwood and Shawana Brown were running for Ms. Daytona State, and Michelle won with her improvised comedy act.

The show as very good. It was much better than the rehearsal Mon. and Thu. I told dozens of people about it at Daytona State College all this week and it seemed no one knew about it. I was only expecting a couple hundred people but Dad estimated there were 800-1000 students in the audience.

I took about 300 photos with my DSLR and my Dad filmed my performance. I’ll cull and edit everything by Sunday and post it then. It’s almost 11pm and I need some sleep.

Have a nice weekend everyone! Please leave your comments about the show on this blog post.

I also posted this on my personal blog.