Falconmail subdomain retired for Daytona State College email addresses

Since Daytona State College changed names from Daytona Beach College in June 2008, they changed their domain name from www.dbc.edu to www.daytonastate.edu, which is much longer [prior to November 2007, their name was Daytona Beach Community College and their domain name was www.dbcc.edu].

Student email addresses were of the format firstname_lastname@falconmail.dbcc.edu for many years, and then firstname_lastname@falconmail.dbc.edu for the brief period under the Daytona Beach College name, and then firstname_lastname@falconmail.daytonastate.edu until recently.

These email addresses are very long — for many students, over 40 characters. Many websites will not even allow you to sign up for an account with an email over 40 characters! For example, mine is 42 characters, and I was unable to sign up with my DSC email for an academic account for discounts on Newegg.com, because they would not accept an email address longer than 40 characters.

On 2015-08-20, I noticed my email address had changed to simply be @daytonastate.edu. I am not sure when this change went through, but it was probably fairly recently. I only noticed when my Gmail account showed an error message indicating it was unable to fetch mail from my @falconmail.daytonastate.edu email address.

After 7 years, Daytona State College has finally jettisoned the “falconmail” subdomain. For now, old email addresses with the subdomain still work, and simply act as an alias to your new @daytonastate.edu account. However, given the competency of Daytona State College’s IT department, I would not be surprised if the aliases disappear shortly.

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