PowerPoint on the Ideal Classroom Environment

The Ideal Classroom Environment to Maximize Learning for All Students

Description: My PowerPoint on the ideal classroom environment for education psychology class.

By Richard X. Thripp
April 26, 2011
EDP 2002 Prof. John Connor
Daytona State College

On SlideShare.net and embedded below.

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Tags: classroom layout, procedures, educational philosophy, behavior management, learning environment, competition, cooperation

Local download links:
http://daytonastate.org/files/edu/20110426-ideal-classroom.pdf (1.0MB)
http://daytonastate.org/files/edu/20110426-ideal-classroom.pptx (1.0MB)

I, Richard X. Thripp, hereby release this presentation and all associated metadata under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License license.

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