Survey of Biology SI

This course ended Dec. 17, 2009, but I am leaving this page up for future BSC1005 students.

Dr. Backer’s Test 4 review completed [PDF, 4 pg., 700KB]

Latest Lecture Notes: Wed., Dec. 2 and Thu., Dec. 3 [PDF, 6 pg., 1.6MB] [old lecture notes and some reviews]

Note: Take your own notes in class! It will help you remember the material. Don’t just copy mine.

Latest Attendance: #33: Thu., Dec. 3, 60 min., 3 attending: Avon B., Alicia G., Alex M. [old attendance]

Ch. 17: Animals Evolve review (answers)
Ch. 16: Plants and Fungi Move onto Land review (answers)
Ch. 14-15 and part of Ch. 16: Taxonomy and microbes review (answers)
Ch. 9: Genetics review (answers) [added on 2012-04-23]
Ch. 26: Reproduction review (answers)
Ch. 8: Mitosis & Meiosis review (answers) [added on 2012-04-23]

Announcement: Come to my Supplemental Instructions sessions! We have a lot of fun and it’s guaranteed study time. In Spring 2009 the avg. GPA of SI attendees in BSC1005 was 2.87. For non-SI attendees, it was 2.05. That’s almost a B vs. a C. SI students do better on exams and remember course concepts for the rest of their lives.

James explaining covalent bonds

Tue., Sept. 22 photo. This is what we do at my SI’s. James Davis is explaining covalent atomic bonds in preparation for test 1. If you’re a good student and you like public speaking, come to my SI’s and you can lecture for a few minutes. I want to be the Johnny Carson of SI, not the Jay Leno of SI. If you’re shy I won’t make you write on the board.

Important Info:
Daytona State College: Supplemental Instruction
Dr. Backer’s Survey of Biology, BSC1005, Fall 2009
SI Leader: Richard X. Thripp

Sessions: Tue., 11 AM – 12 PM, bldg. 410, rm. 228.
Wed., 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM, bldg. 410, rm. 228.
Thu., 2 PM – 3 PM, bldg. 410, rm. 131.

Sessions began Tue., Sept. 22. with introductions, email list, review of wks. 1-4., prep. for test 1. All students are always welcome!

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8 thoughts on “Survey of Biology SI

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  2. I only go to school at night or online because I have a full-time job. I keep trying to attend SI’s for various classes but they are ALL during daytime hours (and never on Saturdays).

    Do you think you’d every consider adding in a supplemental Saturday SI? For those of us who might WANT to do it but can’t?

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  5. I’m real happy there is an SI for this class. I’m not good at science and the SI sessions really have been helping! Thanks a bunch Richard!

    P.S. It helps a lot that you are very animated hehe. 🙂

    • You’re welcome Rebeccah! My public speaking skills are rusty and there are some holes in my Survey of Biology knowledge… but I’ll get better. Glad you’re already finding the study sessions and website useful. 😀

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