This is a bad photo

DSC ugly title photo

Am I the only one who thinks this photo on the Daytona State College home page is ugly? She’s a pretty lady with a nice smile, but she’s squinting. Not even that makes the photo bad, though. The terrible JPEG artifacts around her eyes make it ugly. Why would they do this? There’s no reason for visible artifacts. Did they compress this 8 times in a row or something? At 27KB, the file size isn’t even small for the image’s size and algorithmic complexity. There’s no reason for it to look like this.

If you’ve seen anytime recently, you’ve noticed that the home page randomly displays one of three photos of students. The other two are fine. This one needs to go; or they need to go back to the source file and save a clean copy.

I’m surprised “YourSpace” is one word. Is Daytona State competing with MySpace? I can only wonder why a college with such wonderful English professors doesn’t use proper English on its home page.

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