Coming Soon to Daytona State: Dorm Rooms

I just got word of this from the News-Journal. The Board of Trustees is negotiating with University Housing Services Inc. to build student apartments on or near the Daytona Beach campus.

Actually, no negotiations are happening yet. Plans to negotiate have been approved. You’ve got to love paperwork.

The college already owns a whole bunch of property around it (29 lots), so they might use those for something. They still don’t have enough parking though. I can’t believe they want to build dormitories.

“A 120-bed building might be built with eventually as many as 500 beds becoming available.

They’re counting student housing by the number of beds. Sounds like a prison to me, ha ha. It’s enough for me to be at class five days a week. I don’t need to start living at the college.

Daytona State College is supposed to be catering to local residents, most of which already have houses, apartments, or are living with their parents. You don’t hear of many people moving 500 miles to go to Daytona State. Maybe for Florida State University, but not for our little school.

This doesn’t support the college’s mission at all. It’s just mindless expansion and further embezzlement of public funds. Community colleges are socialist institutions, meaning they’re funded by mandatory tax dollars. If DSC had to pay property taxes (~$1.2 million / year) and other fees, and received no public funding, you can bet this wouldn’t last long, because colleges provide a small amount of value to the community, proportional to what they take. Daytona State is no exception. Professors and administrators are overpaid for their contribution to the world, but more importantly, rampant waste and sweetheart contracts expunge more public funds. How much did the name changes cost them? How about all the advertising they send out? They sent me a big pamphlet, $1 in postage, welcoming me to the college last semester. But I started three semesters ago. My mother left for California 10 years ago, yet we continue to receive newsletters and advertising from the college, addressed to her, on a biweekly basis. Why not use some logic instead of shotgunning?

“But on-campus housing provides a campus with a more vibrant campus atmosphere that can enhance students’ engagement and experience.”

No more having to drive home. Yay! :xx: