Spring 2011 Welcome Back, Jan. 26, 2011 [YouTube]

I have just been really slow posting, but I took this nice video at the welcome back two weeks ago. Instead of hosting it on my own server, I’ve decided to put it on YouTube because it’s easier and more people going there. Since posting it on YT 6 days ago, it’s received 2 views… that’s really awful, so please help to increase that and leave me some comments.

As for the DSC in Motion article, check it out on page 5. I wrote “DSC leads e-text initiative” in the Feb. 2011 issue, which the college printed 2000 copies of. It can be found in every major building on every campus. The cover has interim President Dr. Frank Lombardo with text “The search is on!”, because the college is looking for a new president to replace Dr. Kent Sharples. Frank wants to retire because he’s 74, but I think we should remind him that Pope Benedict XIV became pope at 78, so he has plenty of good years left. If he still wants to retire, I think the college should promote the next president from within.


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