Spotlight on Daytona State’s Accreditation

I logged onto to find this message:

Daytona State College recently was notified that the Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) is planning a site visit. The College believes that we will be able to address any issues or questions and do so without jeopardizing the College’s accreditation.

Michael Vitale
Interim VP of Academic Affairs
Daytona State College

Do you think Daytona State deserves to continue being accredited? Why or why not? Leave your feedback by commenting on this post. I particularly want to hear from people who have withdrawn, dropped out, transferred away from, or decided not to attend Daytona State.

In my opinion, Daytona State has a high market share that does not necessarily reflect upon its high quality, but rather, the fact that people are being paid to go to or to return to college. The IRS Earned Income Tax Credit applies from the ages of 19 to 24 if you are taking 12 credits in at least 5 calendar months of the year (one major semester), which can easily provide over $3000 to your parents from the federal government. The federal government also gives many students $2775 free money per semester for the Pell grant, and many students get the lottery scholarship, Florida BrightFutures, which is $924 per semester. The Daytona State Foundation provides scholarships of $800 per semester to many other students who apply, which are provided by local business magnates. Tuition and books typically cost under $2000 per semester, excluding ignorant students who use the bldg. 200 bookstore instead of ordering online from websites such as Amazon, Half, AbeBooks, and Bookbyte. The college also provides many work-study positions to students at $7.25 or $14.50 an hour which are often undeserved, because no solvent business would provide such jobs. Additionally, the college gets tens of millions of dollars from the state per year, and professors have cushy jobs in general.

Furthermore, most students who graduate from Daytona State College have a degree in worthlessness, unless they fundamentally changed their thought processes for the better, and/or went into a field that provides real value such as engineering, science, or psychology. This is not the college’s fault because students have free reign over their choice of majors, but it does show that Americans in general, and Floridians in particular, are lazy.

Daytona State’s graduation is below 30%, and our retention rate is barely 70%. If you are a student, ask yourself: why are you really going to college? If you answer any of the following, you should drop out now, unless you have children or a family to support.

* To get a high-paying job
* To socialize
* Scholarships and financial aid
* To meet women
* Because everyone says you should
* Work-study job
* Something to do
* Power
* To have something to occupy your time
* You were fired or laid off
* Low self-esteem
* To show the world you can succeed
* To prove a point
* To feel loved
* To feel a part of something greater than yourself
* To be a slave
* To text message in class
* To cause trouble
* Social norms
* Discount movie tickets
* To get a student checking account or credit card
* To attend plays for free
* To use the college darkrooms
* To use the piano labs
* Cheap food
* To further your political agenda

All of these reasons might sound good on paper, but they ultimately will not satiate you. Only a love of learning can get your through life, and in many ways, that is not what Daytona State provides.

If you are a professor, executive, or staff member at Daytona State, if you work there for any of these reasons, you should quit now, unless you have a family and big mortgage.

* Job security / tenure
* Easy work
* Stepping stone
* To force your students to buy your textbook
* To be a cog in the wheel
* To please your parents
* High income
* To further the status quo
* Power
* Sadism
* To foster dependent learners
* To boss people around
* To set up a fiefdom
* Because your parents told you so
* To have a title
* To posture instead of postulate
* For your ego

None of the above further the expansion of human knowledge in anyway. Only the joy of helping others become independent learners, capable of recognizing truth from falsehood, and motivated to explore the domain of life without becoming bitter or lazy, will lead you to true happiness.

8 thoughts on “Spotlight on Daytona State’s Accreditation

  1. Nice post Lisa,

    ignore those who can’t intelligently debate and instead act like children.


  2. So I must say, this is one of the most ignorant things I have ever read. First off, you saying you want to hear particularly from drop outs, or people who have withdrawn, shows that you would obviously like to hear only from people who are likely to favor your opinion. You have person issue with DSC, because of problems that have subsided from you attending college there/working there. That has nothing to do with the quality of education DSC is providing. As far as students being paid to attend school there, this is not DSC paying them, and it does not happen only at DSC, it is EVERY community college in the country. Therefore, by you saying this is one of DSC’s faults, you are saying it is a fault in community colleges. Community colleges are a brilliant thing, and without them most people would be unable to afford school. The reason students end up getting money back, is because education is cheaper than most places. (at a university you would not get money back, since it costs more per credit hour, obviously.) Why wouldnt someone want to work at DSC for a career? your list of “cons” seems more like pros to me.
    Job security / tenure
    * Easy work
    * Stepping stone
    * To be a cog in the wheel
    * To please your parents
    * High income
    * To further the status quo
    * Power
    * To foster dependent learners
    * To have a title
    * For your ego

    These are typically things people want in there job. and some of your reasons you should not be a student seem like good reasons to be a student …i.e. because you were laid off, to do work study, to get a high paying job, etc. Just because you have had problems there, doesnt mean it’s a DSC problem, it means you have some serious issues you need to address. seriously. This is not the only place you have had problems, i.e. you have been banned from may sites, have had issues with the police, etc, I’m sure there is more I don’t know about. Anyway Your Problems and DSC’s problems are too different things. Please grow up and realize this.

    • I love comments like these! Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Just make sure the Southern Association of Colleges doesn’t conduct a Google search and find this website. Shh…

      • What is the Southern Association of Colleges? And also, I write out a full comment on valid points, rebutting you, and this is what you have to say? oh, intelligence, where have you gone to?

        • Also, I do not think it would matter if they found this site. Ever point on here is commonly known information. Quit thinking that people care what you think. Remember what I said about growing up? YA……….

          • Go to hell? Wow. Mature. I was legitimately rebutting you. This is why I said you only want to hear from people who believe the same opinion you do.

          • obviously it is a popular one too. And so many people must think you are God, seeing as there is so many comments, and feedback. Good going. not.

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