Kent Sharples Ousted with $1.2 Million Severance Package

Kent Sharples and Bruce Cook, Spring 2008

In September 2010, Daytona State President Kent Sharples lent nearly $1.5 million to the Community Cultural Foundation for the “American Music Festival,” with approval of the previous Board of Trustees. The festival was a money-loser and the foundation owes hundreds of thousands of dollars to many local businesses in addition to the college, which has now cut ties with both the Foundation and Sharples, and the new board ousted Sharples.

Sharples’ attorney negotiated a $1.2 million severance package for the retiring president and he will also be receiving over $0.5 million in accrued benefits. This puts his entire package at six years salary at his current rate of $290,000.

In other news, Vice President Rand Spiwak is retiring in January and Frank Lombardo, Acdemics VP, is becoming the Interim President on Monday, Nov. 22, 2010. Sharples’ last day as president is Friday, Nov. 19.


“We lost a builder for education and a true force of growth in our community with Kent Sharples resignation from Daytona State College. When will we receive the resignation of Ms Hosseini and her blonde puppet, Ms Haas? Maybe the pocket stuffer of our former Governor…Mori Hosseini will text them with instructions!”

I think it’s disgraceful that Forough Hosseini has led this crusade against Sharples for no good reason, and to much negative publicity. If he remains president, he won’t be able to do anything anyway, since she basically owns the Board of Trustees. Under Sharples’ 11-year tenure, the college has seen unprecedented growth. I sincerely hope this growth continues under Lombardo and the future DSC president.

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3 thoughts on “Kent Sharples Ousted with $1.2 Million Severance Package

  1. Sad day at Daytona State College. Money wins and loyalty looses. I wish Dr. Sharples and his wife, Linda, nothing but the best. Dr. Sharples has my respect … he earned it. I have seen more growth of the college in the last 11 years than in all the years preceding. He is one amazing businessman and I am so sorry for the way in which he had been disrespected by a select few on the board. No worries, Dr. Sharples … money may win here on earth but it won’t buy a spot in heaven.

    • Dr. Sharples is a great businessman and enrollment has continually increased under his watch… it’s quite amazing really. Every twenty-something I meet in Volusia County goes to Daytona State College, except for the few that go to a different college or dropped out of high school (maybe 25%).

      I hope Kent finds something to occupy his time in retirement as I doubt gardening or golfing everyday will suffice… maybe he can write a book about the college?

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