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You can sign up for a free blog now! Here’s the announcement:

I’m delighted to announce the addition of as the complement to! will now be called the network wherever possible, which is inclusive of the new site.

I’d been blogging at Daytona State College News ( for a while about the school, but now you can actually blog over there just like; you can be Sign up here: is the only online community dedicated to Daytona State College. If you’re a student, faculty member, or just love the college, join today! Your account is for life. I’ll be reading everything posted just like I do at, and commenting on what I find interesting. You can too if you watch the latest posts list.

This is totally linked to; you’ll appear in the directory, latest posts, etc., your account is for both sites, and both sites share the same code, theme, and database (with some conditional code to distinguish them).

Feel free to start a blog at,, or both! I suggest you keep them under one username. You can have as many blogs as you want, in case you didn’t know. You can click “Join the fun: create a blog!” in the footer when you’re logged in to add another.

One important note: you have the same username and password at AND, but the sites don’t share cookies. So you have to log in at both. If you’re on your home computer, check “remember me” at each site when logging in and you won’t have to deal with it again.

This blog will continue being my voice for news and opinions on the college, but you can create your own blogs now on the same site; stuff like,,; whatever you can think of. This is integrated with, so if you have an account there you have one here and vice-versa. Also, you’ll writing will appear in the latest posts list on the sidebar of every blog on both sites, so you have a shot at stardom.

This site has plenty of features that I’ve worked on for hundreds of hours over the last three months, because it’s the same code base as That means you get well-developed systems like beautiful, threaded comments with email alerts, an easy-to-read layout, speed, collaborative blogging, and more. I’m building on WordPress MU, so the writing screen, tools, and administrative functions are as easy to use as, with even more power.

Daytona State College is the leading college in Volusia County with five campuses in addition to the flagship Daytona Beach campus. We deserve a good community.

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