Email Accounts Available!

2008-08-23 Update: Unfortunately, you won’t get emails from if you use your email address for your account. I just use a separate Gmail account for my / profile which forwards to my main email at You can do that too.

I have some great news: email accounts are available to everyone. This is through Google Apps Email, so it’s just like Gmail except your address is, and the part before the @ can be as short as one character (six is the minimum with Gmail).

You can’t register yourself, but send me an email at with the address you’d like, or make a comment on this post. Let me know if you’d like to appear with your name on a public list of email users I’ll be adding to the site. With Gmail’s spam protection, posting your email publicly is no big deal (I get ~200 spam messages daily).

I’ve taken,, and, but everything else is available. Right now, there are 149 accounts available.

The great thing about Gmail is the nice interface, searching, forwarding, POP and IMAP access, good spam filtering, and reliability. Unlike with Daytona State College’s email accounts, addresses don’t change and don’t expire (I plan to pay each year for the domain without ever giving it up). Also, your DSC email account has changed three times: from to to, with support for the old accounts being dropped. Not so with your email.

Once I’ve registered your account, you can log in at

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