Daytona State’s Palm Coast Campus Growing

Check out today’s article from the Flagler County section of the News-Journal, College’s growth includes Flagler County.

Rand Spiwak is the executive vice president of DSC (Kent Sharples is president). He acknowledged the two name changes in the past month: Daytona Beach Community College to Daytona Beach College to Daytona State College. He also said the college will remain a community.

“We’ve taken ‘community’ away from our name, but not away from our soul.”

Why not keep the community then? I recall reading that they could’ve kept the name DBCC even while offering Bachelor’s degrees, because it could be considered to be a college for the “Daytona Beach community.” I guess they like to change names to buy new stationary and signs and such.

Enrollment at the Palm Coast campus has gone up 26% in the past two years. They’re going to expand the campus, but are using portable buildings in the interim. Another plan is to build a pool, gym, and “fitness center” near the Palm Coast parkway, with tax funding from Volusia and Flagler counties. Then, the YMCA will run the thing in a lease agreement. Sounds interesting.

A new building for the Mike Curb School of Arts and Entertainment is going to be built at the Daytona Beach campus. I’ve never heard of Mike Curb. Read this from Wikipedia. He’s a rich guy who donates millions of dollars to colleges to get them to name programs after him. Daytona State will be no exception.

Another plan is to add a campus (campus #7) at Ponce Inlet, for marine and environmental sciences. I like the idea. Students would be right near the water, so they could study the fish without leaving the campus.

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