Daytona State College to become Daytona State University?

I was thinking why all the faculty say “Daytona State” rather than DSC, and why the website is rather than the shorter I think it’s because this leaves the opportunity open to change the name to Daytona State University. You don’t have to change the website address again or many of the forms and paperwork, because they say or abbreviate the name as “Daytona State,” which works for both.

This change could be years or decades off. Universities generally offer Master’s and Doctoral programs. But this page, Colleges vs. Universities, has something interesting to say:

Don’t assume that all universities are large disciplinary institutes. In all but three states (New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey), any college can rename itself a university regardless of size or academic offerings.

If that’s true the college could change it’s name now. “Daytona State College” may just be an interim measure, because “Daytona Beach University” doesn’t have a nice sound and moving from “Daytona Beach College” to “Daytona State University” is too big a shift at once. That’s what I’m thinking.

Is Daytona State University in your future?

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