2009 August 31: 1st Day Photos, QUANTA

Today, everyone started back at Daytona State College! I am only taking Calculus II, but my professor Brian Smith already covered the syllabus and policies, all of 6.1, and assigned 16 homework problems. An exciting day all around. I gave out 170 copies of Leafy Droplets and 10 copies of my newest article, Practicality, at QUANTA, my calculus class (bldg. 600 rm. 202 11AM-12:20PM), a neighboring class, the cafeteria, and to random strangers. I’m trying to get rid of all the photos I backprinted in 2007, this being the first.

QUANTA is as good as always with 60 new students this semester. Casey, Frank, and Michael aren’t changing the format because it works so well, so today was the introduction and Wednesday will be the scavenger hunt which educates students about the campus. The major learning starts Friday.

Incidentally, the QUANTA home page and reflections page shows photos I took in the Fall 2007 semester.

Anyway, on to today’s photos.

2009-08-31 Welcome

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700 Student Bills Unpaid

Hello readers. I took the spring off and while I took a computer programming course at Daytona State over the summer, it wasn’t interesting enough to write about. Since I’m going back to offline classes next week (just one Calculus II course and lab), I’ll start blogging here again.

I just got an email from the college which mentioned this:

“In addition, there are approximately 700 students who have bills due today that have not paid or deferred their bill. If this is not done today, classes will be cancelled.”

Since Daytona State’s enrollment is only around 25,000 students, that’s 3% that haven’t even paid for their classes. I bet maybe 200 will pay today. I guess we’ll have a lot of canceled classes as classes will be merged to make up for the missing students.