College Trustees Fight Over Global Warming

Just got word of this article from the News-Journal. Daytona State College is working with the Rocky Mountain Institute to improve energy efficiency, but three of eight of the board members are against it because RMI supports global warming. The decision went through with a majority vote, and DSC will take $1500 from RMI and send three staffers there for training ($3000 cost).

The article notes about Peter Mallory, one of the board’s members:

He specifically quoted the institute’s mission statement, which says, in part: “There is now overwhelming evidence that human activities are changing the world’s climate.” …

Mallory suggested that sunspots might have more to do with global warming than human activity.

Daytona State president Kent Sharples steered clear of the whole thing by calling it a “pragmatic” issue for advancing the college. I think he’d be better off taking a side, but he probably didn’t want to be called a wuss:

After the vote, Mallory called the board members who opposed him “wusses.” Trustee John Graham, the board’s vice chairman, later said he didn’t like being called a wuss.

That’s got to be the funniest line I’ve read this month.

“He called me a wuss! I don’t like being called a wuss!”

Talk about journalism at it’s finest. 😎

Despite the wussiness, I support Mallory. There is no such thing as man-made global warming. As I wrote yesterday in Transcending Limiting Beliefs, environmentalism is the new shield of communism. The Earth is looking better than ever, and our carbon emissions are only 2% of nature’s volcano emissions. How dare we doubt her resilience? A warmer world would help us grow more crops, either way. 20 years ago we had orange groves around Daytona Beach, but now the hard freezes have pushed them south.

Daytona State should take a stand and stop this global warming nonsense in its tracks.

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